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Residents of Cheras Perdana want the traffic management system at the junction of Jalan Cheras Perdana to be improved.

A resident, Suresh, said the problem had been plaguing motorists in the area for months.

He explained that there were originally two lanes for vehicles to enter and another two for exiting.

“However, the system was changed to three lanes for those going out (of the area) and one lane for those entering.”

He said the poor traffic flow was heightened by a road upgrading project, which had diverted the vehicles to the area.

“If nothing is done, the traffic situation will surely worsen.”


ACTIONLINE: The Kajang Municipal Council said it was aware of the traffic situation at Jalan Cheras Perdana and that action to improve the traffic system was underway.

“The traffic flow system is being improved for safety reasons and to avoid worsening traffic jams,” said a council spokesman.

He said the road improvement was necessary as the area was experiencing rapid development.

“(The council) is taking into account every aspect to improve traffic flow there. We welcome any feedback from the public to address any issues for the ease of motorists.”

The public can send their suggestions to the council’s hotline at 1-800886755, or email aduan@mpkj.gov.my.

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