Models with Dudalina’s Santorini collection.

DUDALINA is no stranger to people who look for quality and a sophisticated style.

With a 60-year history, the Brazilian brand is highly popular for its dress shirts as well as expanded apparel and accessories including dresses, blouses, jeans, pants, shoes, scarves and fragrances.

It is the leading brand for high-end shirts in Brazil and is known for its unique designs and quality raw materials.

Created for different market segments, the collections of Dudalina, Dudalina Feminina, Individual and Base have a wide product mix, made with different raw materials.

Dudalina has 80 stores in Brazil with 16 stores worldwide in 12 countries. Malaysia is its first market in Southeast Asia.

It recently launched its first stand-alone boutique at Great Eastern Mall, Kuala Lumpur. This follows the opening of a shop-in-shop concept, set up a year ago, in Binwani’s boutique at Aeon Mall Shah Alam.

The standalone boutique, the first in Asia Pacific, marks the start of Dudalina’s plan to expand across Asia.

Dudalina’s standalone boutique is its first in Asia Pacific

A stylish addition to the Binwani Fashion Group’s stable of brands, Dudalina was founded in 1957 by Rodolfo Francisco de Souza Filho and Adelina Clara Hess de Souza.

In 2014, it was acquired by Restoque Comercio SA, a leading specialty retailer of premium fashion apparel and accessories in Brazil.

Dudalina international business director Rafael Milioni says that for the past one year, the partnership with Binwani has worked well in introducing the brand to Malaysia. The shop-in-shop concept has helped boost its presence in the country as well as the region.

“After one year, we looked at the best approach to expand further and we decided on a standalone boutique. We are proud to introduce Brazil’s leading fashion brand to Asia. This new store, situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, is a significant step for Dudalina in its expansion plans in Asia and to enhance our global presence,” he says. Dudalina has a rich history and has always ensured its high quality apparel offers comfort and luxury.

(Fifth from left) Vijay, Brazilian ambassador to Malaysia Carlos Martins Ceglia, Miloni and Restoque SA international business manager Felipe Souto.

Dudalina is synonymous with high standard workmanship, with technology developed over more than six decades.

“We are a part of a large textile group in Brazil that offers many famous brands in fashion. The reason Dudalina has survived for so long is due to the combination of great management and manufacturing facilities. We seek fabrics from all over the world but all our pieces are tailored in Brazil to ensure exclusivity and quality. It is important to manufacture in Brazil because we control the quality andprocess.

“Our customers appreciate quality and we cannot compromise on that.

It is cheaper to manufacture outside of Brazil but we want our brand to be exclusive.”


Every year, Dudalina launches four collections — two for summer and two for winter.

Binwani Fashion Group executive director Vijay Binwani says the debut of the Dudalina concept boutique shows the promising demand for the fashion brand in the country.

Malaysia is a great test market and the incentives provided for luxury goods here have encouraged Dudalina to set up the boutique.

“Both Binwani and Dudalina share the same principles and that has helped in our business strategy. We both are family-owned businesses and, most importantly, we don’t compromise on quality.

Furthermore Dudalina products are suitable for our climate. It also has a huge collection in silk, which very few brands possess.”

At the launch of its boutique, Dudalina introduced the Santorini collection, inspired by the Greek island. Through its simple elegant lines, it reflects the colourful sunset tones of Greece’s blue and white skyline.

Prices for Dudalina range from RM199 to RM899.

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