Kan’s Kanoe grew out of her passion for fashion.

YOUNG and stylish entrepreneur Noelle Kan loves handmade things and is very passionate about fashion. Her dream has always been to have her own fashion label and make the world a more beautiful place with her creations.

Kan’s dream came true last year. Armed with her talent in art and an educational background in fashion designing, she created Kanoe and made her debut in the local scene with pretty pieces under a concept called “boho-ethnic”.


“Kanoe is a combination of my first name and surname. It embodies my nature and upbringing and embraces the beauty, and inspiration all around me,” says Kan.

It’s also inspired by those who love to travel and explore. It’s about collecting beauty and inspiration from around the globe and putting them into a tropical context, she adds.

Kan says the boho-ethnic concept is derived from her love of handmade things. “There is a certain charm and warmth attached to things that are made by hand. There may be imperfections, but it’s the imperfections that make every piece unique and beautiful.”

Batik bell-sleeved top with signature tassels.



Kan adores classic, down-to-earth and demure styles, but she sometimes plays with adventurous or crazy colour combos and ethnic-infused elements. Her collection is definitely a reflection of her own fashion flair and preference.

The brand’s debut collection, Dolce Far Niente, comprises tops and dresses (among others) in linen that are simple yet chic.

Kan’s creations have garnered interest among young working women and stylish mothers who love travel, art and fashion.

“I did my masters degree in Italy and the collection was inspired by things I observed there in spring. It’s a reflection of how the Italians live by the saying ‘dolce far niente’ or the sweetness of doing nothing.”

The collection features hand-stitched details and is targeted at happy-go-lucky young women. Interestingly, all the items were handmade by a tailor who used to work as a mechanic.

Her second collection, Rainbow Girl, was launched in December last year. Meant to bring batik back into modern and fun wear, the collection comprised six designs featuring beautiful and unusual batik patterns.

Her recently launched Tropical Fiesta Batik, meanwhile, is a progression of the batik range, with its batik bell-sleeved top with signature tassels being a favourite among customers.

Homegrown brand Kanoe is garnering interest among young women who love effortless designs and styles.


Kanoe believes in making fashion pieces ethically, thus the brand sources its fabrics (mainly cotton) only from suppliers that are socially responsible and practise fair trade.

“We source our fabrics from a charitable trust in India. The organisation helps alleviate poverty by providing underprivileged women jobs in the textile industry. They hand-weave the fabrics.”

Kan is currently working on forming new partnerships and collaborations with such entities. It is a long-term endeavour but she believes more doors will open along the way.

What else is in the pipeline?

“We’re also working on sourcing for more natural fibre fabrics and creating our own prints too,” she adds.


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