Hazami says he is joining the show for his fans. PIC BY MOHD KHAIRUL HELMY MOHD DIN

MOST Asian mothers usually press their sons to get married when they have passed the “required” marrying age.

But for singer-composer-music teacher Hazami, 42, his mother is more worried that he won’t actively get back in action as a performer.

“So naturally, when I informed her that I’ll be competing at the upcoming Gegar Vaganza Season 4 (GV4), she was the most excited person,” recounted the artiste, whose full name is Norkamal Hazami Ahmad, when met after the press conference to announce the 12 finalists of the show, held at The Gardens Theatre, Mid Valley City in Kuala Lumpur recently.

The multi-talented Hazami’s last single, Cintai Dia, out last year, was supposed to mark his comeback after a long absence from the music scene. However, he was still under the entertainment scene’s radar, and his fans just wanted to see more of him on TV.

“Astro has approached me and has been asking me to join the show since Season 1. So I figured that this time around, I’d say yes.

“It feels appreciative, being thought of. I am honoured to be selected as one of the 12 contestants,” he said.

Hazami said he never saw the need to appear on the small screen.

“Honestly, I’m comfortable with what I’ve achieved to date.”

“I’m doing this to fulfil the wishes of my fans. But I sure miss performing live in a full hall,” said Hazami, who is looking forward to honest comments from the show’s permanent judge, Datuk Ramli MS.

“I have grown in this industry under his guidance, so any comments from him will be viewed as constructive criticism. If you’re afraid of hearing honest remarks, then you shouldn’t be on the show.”

Hazami admitted that this
season’s line-up would see fie-
rce competition, but the one which he feared most would be himself.

“That’s because I’m my biggest saboteur,” laughed Hazami, who’ll be performing his hit Mungkir Bahagia at the first GV4 concert on Sunday.

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