PKR Wanita Chief Zuraida Kamaruddin says despite the e-voting system being the way forward, the problem solving mechanism is not in place.

SHAH ALAM: PKR is not fully prepared for the e-voting system as a problem solving mechanism is not in place when glitches crop up.

Its Wanita chief, Zuraida Kamaruddin said while the e-voting system reflected the way forward for the party, nevertheless it lacks IT experts and programmers to tackle problems when its occurs in the system or the device on the spot.

“Our members are unhappy as they arrive as early as 7am at the polling station and they had to wait until 11am to vote. Yet the e-voting system is not ready and that is bad.

“It is a new thing to have e-voting system in place and it is something that is progressive and we are okay with that. But we are also not really ready in terms of preparations,” she told NSTP today.

Zuraida, who is vying for the party’s vice president’s post, was commenting on the e-voting system which sparked a fracas due to technical problems in Kedah, last weekend, as well as postponement of party polls in Perlis and Perak.

She also observed that there are no technical teams available to assist in the programming of the system or when problems occur at the polling stations.

Zuraida described the situation as being serious and said there was a need to train or hire IT experts and programmers to be stationed at all polling stations for any eventualities.

The Housing and Local Government Minister said she will ask for the party’s election to be deferred for a month to enable fine-tuning of the e-voting system.

She will make the proposal at the PKR political bureau meeting tonight.

“A month or whatever time frame that we feel is comfortable, then we should proceed (with the election). If not, we will be faced with more fiascos.

“But if it cannot be resolved in a month, the election should go back to the manual voting system,” she added.

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